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Proa skycam at solar farm

Solar forecasting

Real time customised generation forecasts for utility scale solar plants, single systems, and entire networks from Australia’s leading solar forecaster and the first self-forecast approved by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

Weather measurement

Design, installation, and operation of custom professional weather stations anywhere in Australia.

Solar modelling

Accurate modelling of the generation of small to large scale solar PV systems including PV performance.

Energy systems modelling

Financial, environmental and technical performance of energy systems. From short term to long term, including small and large scale solar generation, hybrid generation, and energy storage modelling.

We help you


Monitor weather impacts

Comprehensive accurate real time weather measurements.


Understand and manage solar

Accurate forecasts to help you take the right decisions at the right time.

Make the right investment decisions

Design the optimal energy investment mix including solar, storage, and hybrid plants.

Peace of mind for solar asset owners

Monitor solar PV performance with confidence.

“Proa is a leading solar forecast provider. Vena Energy is very pleased with the financial savings from Proa’s forecasts, and we have been pleased to partner with Proa for Tailem Bend Solar Farm. Achieving the first self-forecast approved by AEMO is also a great result.”

Miro Tischljar, Executive General Manager Project Execution & Operations, Vena Energy

We work with you

We talk to our customers to understand the exact problem they are trying to solve, and then we design solutions for those problems.

State of the art algorithms

We design new computational and engineering methods to solve complex problems — including our optimal combined solar farm forecasts and our night infrared satellite forecasts.

Commercial focus

We understand that brilliant technical solutions need also to be brilliant commercial solutions.

We respect your time

Our communication is simple and to the point. We design solutions with minimal back and forth communication to save your time.

On-going support

Industry leading support and services for all our products

Clients and partners

“Genex Power is extremely pleased with the FCAS savings from Proa’s forecasts so far, and we look forward to working together with Proa for many years to come.”

Harrison Holihan, Commercial Manager, Genex Power



(Image: Genex Power)

We provide customised and expert services in solar and energy systems.

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