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Proa Analytics provides expert services in the fields of solar forecasting, weather monitoring, solar modelling, and energy systems analysis and optimisation.

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Solar forecasting

We have developed the Proa Forecasting System (PFS) to provide real time customised generation forecasts for single systems, utility scale solar plants, and entire networks.

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The Proa Forecasting System (PFS) was developed with advanced techniques to provide state-of-the-art solar forecasts to a range of applications where understanding and managing solar is increasingly important, and was the first solar farm self-forecast approved by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) for NEM dispatch. Several data sources are combined to create an optimal forecast of the solar irradiance for each time scale. Then, detailed modelling of the configuration and shading of PV systems is used to estimate accurately their power output. For regional or networks forecasts, validated statistics on the performance of thousands of real world PV systems are used to calculate the aggregated generation.

The PFS can calculate custom solar forecasts for:

  • large scale solar plants
  • single PV systems,
  • entire networks, states, or countries

Forecasts are available for any location, updated every minute (60 minutes ahead) or 5 minutes (7 days ahead), and delivered using our secure API data feed or SFTP.

NEM solar farms

In Australia’s National Electricity Market, Proa’s solar forecasts a strong commercial business case through reduction of Causer Pays FCAS costs as well improving solar integration. Proa’s proven performance saves multiple solar farms thousands of dollars per week each. Contact Proa for more information.

NT and WA solar farms

In both the Northern Territory and Western Australia, solar systems are required to comply with network ramp rate constraints. The Generator Performance Standards required by Power and Water Corporation for grid connected solar farms in the Northern Territory also require capacity forecasts to be submitted 35 minutes ahead of dispatch. Proa has created a case study of how our forecasts can help solar farms to comply with these requirements as well as maximise financial return. To request a copy of this case study, please contact Proa.

Other markets

Proa offers solar forecasting to all types of solar PV systems all across the globe. To find out more, again contact Proa.


“Genex Power is extremely pleased with the FCAS savings from Proa’s forecasts so far, and we look forward to working together with Proa for many years to come.”

Harrison Holihan, Commercial Manager, Genex Power




(Image: Genex Power)

Solar forecasting benefits

Operational forecasts from 30 seconds up to 7 days ahead

Grid integration and compliance

Operational solar forecasting improves the dispatch of the entire power system helping to better integrate solar into the grid. In the Northern Territory, Proa’s forecasts can enable a solar farm to comply with the capacity forecasts required under the Generator Performance Standards (GPS).

Improved financial returns

Solar forecas reduce costs for solar farms and improve financial performance of solar assets. In the NEM, Proa’s forecasts reduced Causer Pays FCAS costs in particular.

Better operational decisions

Insight into solar generation improves operational decision making.

Smart storage dispatch

Our solar forecasts are designed to be integrated with onsite battery storage, including dynamic uncertainty limits which respond to weather conditions and pre-dawn infrared forecasts, to help make the right decisions about when to recharge and discharge.

Weather monitoring

Proa designs, installs, operates, and maintains professional grade weather stations for any location in Australia.

Accurate weather measurement is essential to proper management of renewable generation. For solar farms and wind farms, our weather stations use the highest quality sensors, are integrated into plant SCADA and are suitable for plant performance evaluation and guarantees. For NEM generators, our weather stations meet and exceed AEMO’s requirements. Weather stations can be optionally solar & battery powered with independent 4G data communication for remote and off-grid applications, or any case where independent operation is an advantage.  Calibration certificates are provided for all sensors and data loggers

Proa Weather Station

Weather monitoring systems are available with a wide variety of sensors, including:

Irradiance (global and plane of array)

ISO Secondary Standard or First Class Pyranometer for horizontal and inclined radiation.

Irradiance (direct and diffuse)

Sophisticated mechanical sun tracking systems to the latest cost-effective mirror based systems.

Wind speed and direction

Anemometers mounted at any height from ground level up to a wind farm hub height.

Module soiling

Module temperature

Ambient temperature

Relative humidity

Barometric pressure

Rainfall and precipitation

“Proa is a leading solar forecast provider. Vena Energy is very pleased with the financial savings from Proa’s forecasts, and we have been pleased to partner with Proa for Tailem Bend Solar Farm. To achieve the first self-forecast approved by AEMO is also a great result.”

Miro Tischljar, Executive General Manager Project Execution & Operations, Vena Energy

Solar and energy systems modelling

Financial, environmental and technical performance of energy systems. From short term to long term, including small and large scale solar generation, hybrid generation, and energy storage modelling.

Proa provides expert technical, economic, and environmental modelling of energy systems projects. This modelling helps, for example, developers to understand if a particular project is a sensible investment and network operators to understand how solar generation will affect maximum and minimum demand, and other. Is a battery at a solar farm a good investment? How will a battery or genset improve the generator performance standards of a solar farm. Proa can help to understand these questions. Our technical team has extensive understanding of solar generation, investment under uncertainty, and storage dispatch modelling among others.  Proa can also provide historical and typical generation estimates at any location in Australia using 30 years of irradiance data to help with planning or feasibility studies. Using our state-of-the-art solar PV models, we can also analyse the performance and configuration of single sites, or thousands of real world systems in a network automatically. To find out more, please contact Proa.

Custom services

Tailored solutions for your business

Proa can design a custom solar and weather intelligence solution for your business. We work together with customers to understand and precisely what is the problem to be solved, and then work together to scope, create, and deliver a custom solution. This can also include custom service level agreements (SLAs) and terms and conditions. To learn more about how a custom solution can deliver for your business, contact Proa.



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We use multiple methods to provide an optimal combined forecast for all time scales.

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